V: Sage of Preparation & Consumption

  • A Chinese village, dating back 10,000 years to the Stone age was discovered to have hemp. The hemp was not only used for decorations but for clothes, ropes, fishing nets and paper.
  • In Central Asia, hemp was used by Scythians during religious ceremonies honoring the memory and the spirits of their dead leaders. Hemp seeds were not only used for religious ceremonies but they were used in the Scythians everyday lives.
  • Hemp was also used by the Ancient Japanese. It is said that they have been using hemp as far back as 10,000 B.C. The Japanese used hemp for weaving baskets, clothes, and eating the hemp seeds for food. It was also said that they would smoke the hemp as well.
  • The Ancient Greeks used hemp during their era. It was used for their medical remedies. These medical remedies treated earaches, edema, and inflammation.
  • In 1621, hemp played an important role for the people of Great Britain. It was suggested by a book titled ” The Anatomy of Melancholy” that hemp could be a treatment for depression. It was also said that Queen Victoria used hemp for her menstrual cramps.
  • Ancient Rome was another user of hemp. A Roman army doctor found that hemp was incredible in treating earaches and various other aliments.
  • The Ancient Egyptians were hemp users as well. They used hemp for medial treatment of various aliments. Some of these aliments the Ancient Egyptians used hemp for include inflammation, glaucoma, hemmroids and excessive bleeding. It has also been found that written prescriptions were given to patients for the hemp plant in order to help them treat their illness.
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