IV: Sage of Alchemy & Science

  • Some ways to remove undesirable elements from hemp is through a process called Winterization. This process is only used when the hemp oil was extracted in a high pressure or temperature environment and the extraction caused material to be pulled out that should not be included in the final product.
  • Hemp has a heterogeneous cell wall. The heterogeneous cell wall reinforces treachery elements and strengthens fibers which it so the plant can grow upright.
  • Hemp is also shown to have antibacterial properties. These properties have been found in hemp fibers and have been used as fishing agents and surgical devices. Compounds that make up the antibacterial properties include esterified stereols, triterpenes, B-sitosterol and B-amyrin.
  • Hemp powder’s antibacterial properties have been shown to be effective against E-coli. It is believed that these properties could be linked to lignin related compounds, including phenolic compounds, alkaloids and cannabinoids.
  • Hemp contains as little as 0.3% of THC or tetraydrocannabinol. This is the psychoactive chemical that can be found in medicinal and recreational marijuana.
  • Hemp is rich in four natural sources: omega-3, omega-6, protein and fiber.
  • Cannabis has more than 60 therapeutic compounds that are healing agents in medical and herbal treatments. THC is the primary compound and is the main reason for hemp’s effectiveness of therapy.
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