I. Sage of Cultivation & Harvest


  • Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are not only good for humans but they are good for the planet as well. Hemp is a renewable resource, which means it can be used again and again and it can never run out. This is different from oil because it is a non-renewable resource and cannot be used over and over.
  • Hemp can help reduce people’s dependence on fishing, livestock industries, and various other unsustainable agricultural uses.
  • Hemp can be grown in a variety of soils anywhere in the world. It can be grown in short growing seasons as well as dry regions. Hemp can purify soil and kill various types of weeds.
  • Hemp is considered to be a high yield crop. Farming one acre of hemp can result in twice as much hemp oil like an acre of peanuts. Hemp has four times as much pulp or paper than an acre of trees.
  • The seeds of hemp can have various uses. Some of these uses include being used as a food for salad dressings and supplements. It can also be used for industrial lubrication, diesel fuel, paint varnishes and more.
  • Hemp plants are grown four inches apart from each other. Their growth cycle consists of 108 to 120 days.
  • The best place to grow hemp is in warm weather and well drained soil that is high in organic material. Areas that are not good for growing hemp include extreme desert conditions and high mountain areas.