Seven Sages has a unique plan to build the premier hemp brand in New York  State; by engaging with the public and educating them on the value and 10,000 uses of the cannabis plant. We seek to fill the void of knowledge and education that has been lost to the last several generations due to the prohibition of the cannabis plant. We intend to encourage people to come and see how the plant is grown, harvested, and processed into viable products with our Seven Sages Farms, LLC. We want to research and relearn the ancient techniques associated with the viable use of the cannabis plant. We want to enable artisan craftspeople to use our land and the hemp we grow on it to create many different types of products. As part of our mission we will be opening retail outlets in strategic locations to interact with and provide goods and services to the consuming public. Our flagship store opened in July 2019 at 656 South Ave. in Rochester, NY. There you can learn about hemp, its many uses and buy products derived from hemp.

There are several new entrepreneur farmers and processors jumping into the hemp gold rush. Like many new businesses, they are focused on the products rather than the marketing of those products. The vision for Seven Sages is to be what you might consider a marketing co­-op for multiple producers, farmers, processors, artisans and  craftspeople of hemp products. The various farmers and processors that choose to join the Seven Sages family of companies will have symbiotic relationships and all parties involved will benefit from the rising tide of the unified marketing brand, Seven Sages.

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